How will I receive my customized meal plan?

You’ll receive your customized weight loss plan on your e-mail address. If you haven’t received it, check the spam folder. Make sure to spell your e-mail address correctly. If you didn’t receive the plan, please contact us at

When will I receive my customized meal plan?

It takes some time for our algorithms to craft the customized weight loss plan tailored to your needs. Normally, it takes up to 24 hours for your plan to be delivered into your e-mail.

How I can access my plan?

You will download the plan in PDF format. Some browsers might have problems opening PDF files. Please ensure a stable Internet connection before trying to download the plan. If you’re unable to open the plan from your mobile device, please try desktop.

I don’t like some ingredients/allergic to them, what should I do?

If there are any ingredients you don’t like/ allergic to you can exclude them from your recipe of substitute them for the ones you like. But mind their caloric value, it should not be bigger than in the original recipe.

The calories and weight of the meal are raw meal or cocked?

All caloric info and weight of the meal is the cocked meals.

Is my meal plan only available for one month?

You can follow your custom meal plan afterwards as well to achieve even better results.

Can I eat something else except the meals from the meal plan and what should I drink?

You can eat everything you want, except bakery, sugary food, alcohol and overly fat food. We suggest you to drink approximately 2,5 liters of water a day.

Can I eat fast food or drink fizzy drinks?

We suggest you not to eat fast for or drink sugary sparkly beverages during your weight loss journey for better and faster results.